Sue Kennedy

In by Lou Reed

The welfare of all animals great and small is a true passion of mine. It is something I was born with. I remember at an early age I used to collect all the sick animals and take them to the vet, they would send the bill to my father (who wasn’t too pleased!). I would then go to church and pray for their recovery.

My little girl has only a little bit of vision left, her eyesight started failing when she was not even 1 year old. I remember someone saying to me that I should put her down…I was horrified. She is now 10 and I have gladly made changes to accommodate her….she is my rock!

When animals are taken out of their environment they depend on us for survival and in return they give us unconditional love. They do not wish to harm us so that is why I don’t understand when a human is cruel to an innocent animal. Why would someone be cruel?

It’s time to STOP animal cruelty NOW!