Embracing Our Strengths

In this episode of Share Your Message Lou interviews Ros McHenery from Embracing Our Strengths. 💕

Her philosophy is centered on the belief that all children deserve the best opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams. She also strongly believes that learning needs to become an intrinsic act where students have a desire to learn rather than a forced activity that stifles their creativity and focus. 🙏

Tribal News TV brings you this mini documentary series, Share Your Message with The World, stories about inspirational leaders who are making a difference by living the truth of who they are. A member of Women with Altitude, an eclectic community of women who are passionate about creating and fulfilling life, women in business, women in leadership, women who are creative, mums finding a new way to thrive and women who serve communities.

See you on the Path! Louis Reed ❤️✨

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