How To Create Financial Freedom

In this episode of Share Your Message Lou interviews Rebecca Jarrett-Dalton from How To Create Financial Freedom. 💕

Two Red Shoes – It’s about freedom from paying too much, from the stress of the process. It’s about life. Bec has been in finance looking after people, just like you, for nearly two decades. She has a team of professionals who work with her to save you time, stress and, above all, money. 🙏

She has been described as wearing ridiculous shoes but rarely a suit. A self-confessed maths nerd, property and finance is my passion but I’m no typical mortgage broker. At Two Red Shoes, Bec view things differently, she take a different approach. A win for you is a win for two red shoes.

Tribal News TV brings you this mini documentary series, Share Your Message with The World, stories about inspirational leaders who are making a difference by living the truth of who they are. 💋

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See you on the Path! Louis Reed ❤️✨

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