Moon 4 – New Moon in Pisces

Conversations With Lou

Working with the moon cycles is a powerful way to transform our lives” – Lou Reed

An invitation to join together as a tribe in sacred circle, to empower our voices, nurture our soul and awaken our sacred feminine energy, all in the name of curating humanity alongside mother earth. Working with moon cycles is one of the oldest spiritual practices in existence.

Energy Initiation

Awakening Our Sacred Feminine Through Moon Wisdom” – Lou Reed

The New Moon in Pisces brings the energy of music, arts, dreams, intuition and divination. When the Moon moves through Pisces, we tend to be more sensitive, gentle and kind. A time to avoid becoming a martyr or victim, and work through compassion and creativity.

Sacred Feminine 101

Rewire Your Energy, Remove Blocks & Create A New Future

The moon tell us so much about ourselves. The way she moves through the cycles is a direct reflection of how we move through our cycles of life. As we awakening our sacred feminine, working with the moon goddesses we become conscious of how she impacts us, and her effects on our mind, body and soul. In our Moon Initiations we embody the energy of the moon goddesses, aligning our consciousness to our innate value. Restorying the unknown forces that shape our life, aligning our personal rhythm with mother earths rhythm dropping into flow. See you on the path! Lou ❤️✨





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