Returning To The Sacred

Awakening Our Sacred Feminine

“Awakening Our Sacred Feminine Through Moon Wisdom” – Lou Reed

“Working with the moon cycles is a powerful way to transform our lives” – Lou Reed

An invitation to join together as a tribe in sacred circle, to empower our voices, nurture our soul and awaken our sacred feminine energy, all in the name of curating humanity alongside mother earth. Working with moon cycles is one of the oldest spiritual practices in existence. A powerful tool for transformation and manifestation, learn how to follow the moon cycles, and curate consciousness, as we connect in sacred circle and gain clarity on what is ours to cause and create in the world.

A Journey Through The Moon Cycles

Each Moon Cycle We Reset, Resource & Restory Our Sacred Feminine

Our Council of Elders

Awakening Our Sacred Feminine

RESTORY the unknown forces that are shaping your life.

Working With Moon Cycles

One of the oldest spiritual practices in existence

A Journey Through The Moon Cycles

“Awakening our sacred feminine through moon wisdom.” – Lou Reed

The moon tell us so much about ourselves. The way she moves through the cycles is a direct reflection of how we move through our cycles of life. As we awakening our sacred feminine, working with the moon goddesses we become conscious of how she impacts us, and her effects on our mind, body and soul. In our Moon Initiations we embody the energy of the moon goddesses, aligning our consciousness to our innate value. Restorying the unknown forces that shape our life, aligning our personal rhythm with mother earths rhythm dropping into flow.

JANUARY - Isis Initiation

FEBRUARY - Aphrodite Initiation

MARCH - Selene Initiation

APRIL - Diana Initiation

MAY - Ceres Initiation

JUNE - Freyer Initiation

JULY - Isis Initiation

AUGUST - Aphrodite Initiation

SEPTEMBER - Selene Initation

OCTOBER - Diana Initation

NOVEMBER - Ceres Initiation

DECEMBER - Freyer Initiation

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Awaken Your Sacred Feminine

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Lou Reed, Energy Shaman

Founder – Energy Medicine Institute & Tribal News TV
Creator of – Soul Psychology, Art Psychology, Energy Psychology

Hi, my name is Lou Reed, founder of Energy Medicine Institute EMI. I want to share with you the step by step process I used to Restory the unknown forces that were shaping my life. That’s how EMI was born.

As a child I was kidnapped and tortured by people who have been referred to as Australia’s most gruesome serial killers. That experience changed me on a deep soul level. For many years, I locked the experience in a box and threw away the key. Then it manifested in my physical as a challenge with cancer.

That got my attention, I was finally ready to look at my childhood trauma and how it had shaped the unfolding of my life.

I remember the feeling of being too broken. I remember being physically repulsed by my own reflection, I felt disconnected from myself and those around me. My life felt like ground hog day, the same experiences over and over, just different people. The path back to life felt insurmountable.

During my healing journey, I explored modern science, ancient wisdom and psychology, and while no one modality had all the answers I was looking for, I took the best from each and wove them into EMIs unique series of trainings. Curating my consciousness was the key to deep soulful transformation. Restorying my life, evolved into a process, the 5 energy tools to curate consciousness.

I started using the step by step process with my beloveds, in my practice, before long I was teaching others face to face. A reproducible, scientific, revolutionary process to transform all dimensions of your being: mind, body, soul and human connection, bringing you back into alignment with the unique story of YOU, your living masterpiece.

Today I have had EMI’s trainings internationally recognised and offer trainings for women, wherever they are on their path of awakening, from learning simple energy techniques, to get through the day, to trainings that allow access to professional membership and professional insurance. It’s a global online business working with thousands of women in over 31 countries.

“Your life is your Art! Nothing will satisfy you more than creating your world from the song of your heartbeat” – Lou Reed