Where do you sit on the continuum
of self-actualisation ?

Live a life that is Extraordinary

Our FREE Art of Living Quiz is for those who are curious around where they sit on the continuum of self-actualisation. It is only once we reach self-actualisation that we can master the Art of living through our pure potential rather than through our wounded stories, the secret to living a life that is extraordinary.

How do you meet your core needs ?

Art of Living Quiz

As we move through our cycles in life there will be times when our core needs are a strength and times when they are a stretch. When our core needs move into a stretch we are bumping up against our wounded stories, which inform our choices and create our external world. In Art of Living Quiz self-actualisation is the key to living through our pure potential rather than through our wounded stories. By living our new narrative with friends, family and our community we become change agents modelling a new more empowering way of being in the world.

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REWRITE. REIMAGE. & RESTORE. are the action steps inside of each level of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and are used to align your three levels of consciousness, healing and transforming wounded stories in real time, organically moving you to the next level. The conscious mind speaks in words REWRITE. the subconscious mind speaks in image REIMAGE. and the unconscious mind speaks in symbols RESTORE. In REWRITE. you do a writing prompt, journaling and journeying, we explore the current and future story of YOU. In REIMAGE. we take the work from rewrite and create an energetic image, a sentence, a word, then add colour to call your new information into being. In RESTORE. we use an energy prompt to bring your energetic blueprint back into alignment with your true self.

Wounded stories are created between the age of 0 and 7. A time before our critical thinking is developed. When we have experiences during this time that are not age appropriate, like father leaves or the mother is an alcoholic, as a child we create meaning out of those experiences, that meaning form beliefs that create stories. Our stories shape our world and inform our choices they become our default setting a way of being in the world. Who is authoring your current life story your wounded 7-year-old or your present day self? During this time, we can do one of two things we take on the way of being that was modelled to us living our primary caregivers story or we rebel and live the opposite story. Either way we are NOT living our truth. Who’s story are you living?

If a core need is an area where you have strength it is in balance, it allows you to expand, and organically move to the next level of the pyramid through to transcendence.

If a core need is an area where you can be stretched there is a deficiency, it can feel like a hole that you are constantly trying to fill, a feeling of  needing more and often not knowing what you need more of. It takes up a lot of  subconscious energy, playing havoc with your physiological body, causing stress and anxiety which can lead to chronic illnesses.

The report will tell you the areas that you have strengths and the areas you can be stretched raw material that will allow you to bring your living masterpiece to life. This is the real test of an artist of life, learning to use all that life gives us as tools, for our living masterpiece, as a stepping stone that brings us closer to our vision. We cannot have one without the other, the breakthroughs of our Wild Self without the breakdowns of our smaller self. It is only once we reach self-actualisation that we can truly start to be of service to our community. Our greatest wound becomes our greatest gift, our sacred work in the world, our living masterpiece.

Once you have completed the quiz and have a sense of the current story of YOU then come over and join us in our FREE 29 day challenge where you will deep dive spending four days on each core need. We explore your narrative in each area through writing prompts, art prompts and energy prompts bringing your three levels of consciousness back into alignment with your original blue print. In a tribe of like-minded creative warriors changing the world by living the truth of who you are.

If Not Now When?