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“A thought radiates out like star light, affecting everything in its path.” Lynne McTaggart

What words come to your mind when you think about how healthy & wellness outside of modern medicine? Alternative medicine – Eastern medicine – metaphysical – holistic – homeopathic – acupuncture – acupressure – biorhythm – New Age – mystic – esoteric  – woo-woo?

In the past several years, science has been making amazing discoveries.

It appears that the concept and treatment of health “outside of mainstream” is spot on. Back in 1994, a Japanese researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto tried to prove that snowflakes would not be unique in crystalline structure, because they all have the same atomic properties H2O. What he discovered was astounding!

He began to take water samples from different sources city taps, rivers, lakes. He noticed they did not all form beautiful crystals, but pristine water sources were stunning. Eventually, Dr. Emoto did the experiments he is famous for writing words on glasses of water before freezing them to make slides and found that thought waves dramatically affected the water.

This means the structure of the water was changed by the intention focused on it!

Our body is 60% water. Our lungs are 83% water, muscles/kidneys 79% water, brain/heart 73% water, skin 64% water and bones are 31% water and the earth’s surface is 71% water. That’s a lot of water, and if words can change water, doesn’t it make sense that they can change our body?

What is the purpose of medicine when we are sick?

In the simplest form, isn’t it to tranform what is unwell and wellness again? Remember quantum entanglement? There is no time/space for two things that have been connected. Healing can take place between two people with no time/space barrier as long as they are connected.

Several experiments have been done with plants, and a pioneer was Cleve Backster who was actually an interrogation specialist for the CIA working with lie detectors. In the 1960s, he discovered that plants in his office reacted to thoughts with intention directed at them, when all he wanted to do was measure how long it took water to climb their stems.

Because the plants were connected to electrodes, Backster noticed a response when he had a thought about burning the leaves. He continued further experiments and sure enough, plants reacted to both positive and shadow thought intentions!

Is this even possible? According to the latest science, it’s is!

Biophotons are present in all living things in fact in everything. The German Physicist Fritz Albert Popp discovered biophotons in the 1970s, which supported the Einstein-Bose Condensate (EBC) theory. Which simply means that a teeny-weeny subatomic particle called a boson can also act like a wave at absolute zero temperature and is so named “zero-point-energy.”

What? Hang on, we’re going somewhere with this.

Einstein said, “The field is the only reality.” Field? What field a football field magnetic field?

Think about our life force. Oriental medicine calls it ch’i (with paths called meridians), the Ayurveda term is prana (with paths called nadis and chakras), and homeopathy calls it vital force energy. It’s all the same thing and quantum scientists call it The Field.

Let’s refresh some basic science before moving forward. Science recognizes all things in the universe as having only one of two forms particles and waves. That means not at the same time… but wait… didn’t that boson act like a wave and a particle? Yep and the implications are incredible.

What’s the difference between particles and waves?

Particles have form, while waves are unformed (or empty of form). Particles are matter, while waves are energy. Particles are observable at points in time and space, while waves are thoughts, sounds, feelings, etc. Particles in time relate to the mind and in space relate to the body, while waves relate to the soul.

Particles are “I.” Waves are “We.”

Let’s move on to waves and energy, because this is where science gets exciting! There are four types of “dense energy” – thermal, electrical, magnetic and gravitational. There is another type of energy that is barely detectible, so it is called “subtle energy,” and it is the most powerful of all.

Could subtle energy be the life force flowing through our body and throughout the universe independent of time and space? YES!

During the last century, health science focused only on the body as separate parts of a machine that must work properly to function. Our brain receives stimuli from 8 senses then processes the data. If data passes through the hippocampus, you make decisions about if something is good, bad or neutral, logic. If data passes through your amygdala, responses are triggered, such as fear, anger or crying. 

Experience in your life guides your conclusions, but so does DNA.

Remember that water experiment with the crystals? They were changed by thought waves, intention or subtle energy. You can call it prayer, good vibrations or happy thoughts, but the scientific proof is there. It exists and it works. It can even change your DNA. Wow!

Unlike particles which can only receive stimulation, waves can actually transmit. You are constantly interacting with the energies around you.

Our intentions can become reality.

Modern society would have you believe that we are merely victims of the world around us. If good things happen we are positive. If bad things happen we are negative. Do you believe this? If you believe it, then it will be true.

Any trauma you’ve experienced settles in your DNA and blocks the flow of energy, but it can be healed. DNA can be rewritten!

Our physical health is directly connected to The Field. Einstein was right.

Our soul’s journey hasn’t disappeared; it is just waiting for you to clear the path.

So what are we waiting for?

Lou Reed,
Energy Medicine Institute. TV


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