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We can have a burning desire to change the world but where do we start?  What can we do as individuals to make even a dint in the global challenges facing young girls and women.

An Australian woman, Sandra, has that burning desire to change the world for young girls and women, through access to education, training and meaningful employment.

Sandra followed her heart and started a social enterprise, with an ancient musician caste in Kathmandu, Nepal. By facing the projects many challenges, and ignoring popular opinion, she found her life purpose and her tribe.

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  1. Sandra!! You are nothing short of an inspiration!!! After watching this episode I have made a list of people I can contact and things to discuss on how we can better our community. If you can do it so can we!!! I can’t thank you enough for what you have done, and continue to do, for the communities that you serve. I witness your bravery, courage, grit and raw inner strength xxx

  2. Thank you everyone so much for your supportive words. Even though I am confronted by poverty and discrimination every day while I am in Nepal, I still experience joy. Looking from the outside, it can be overwhelming and depressing, but once you develop relationships with people, it is the common humanity that we all share that shines through. People in these awful situations can still find happiness, and I am happier here than I am anywhere.

    There have been times over the last four years where I was terrified that I would not succeed. At times I was reluctant to share what was happening, in case my friends and family, concerned for my well being might try to convince me to give up.

    Finally, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and with the voice of EMI and women like yourselves, the projects we are working on can truly fly. It is such an exciting time. I sleep well for first time in years and jump out of bed in the morning knowing that we have chance at making a big difference. And I am only one person, so imagine the power of many who have a similar commitment.

  3. Thank you Sandra for the work you do with compassion drive and dedication.
    This is a story I will pass around to help support the wonderful wok you do. Thank you for bring this to fore front of our minds.
    Sending love and light Victoria

  4. I honour you Sandra, and what you have started and continue to do with the women and girls of Nepal. I can not comprehend what they must have been through however they are smiling and embracing life. Incredible.

  5. As a film producer it has been inspirational to witness Sandra’s journey, to tell some of her story and see the project expand to make a difference in the lives of so many women. Whilst we always hear about the ‘bad’ things that happen in the world there are also many people like Sandra, who are doing ‘good’ in the world, they put their heart and sole into rewriting their community stories.

    Having filmed many projects around the world, what has become obvious is that we are all connected on several levels. The choices we make as consumers every day has a direct effect on people on the other side of the world. We are all global citizens and through storytelling we can make a real difference.

    It would help so many people if we could find a way to create more stories from Sandra’s project so that we can create as a ‘how to’ for social business, modelling ways that other women can create change in their communities.

  6. Thank you Sandra for making such a big difference in the lives of these young girls and women. It is impossible to comprehend that this happens today around the world. Thank you for sharing this story and bringing it to our attention so that we can help in some way to keep your dream alive.

  7. Watching this video and seeing these young girls breaks my heart. I feel a deep pain knowing that these children are trafficked and do not return home. Sandra, you are a life changer and I am inspired to make a difference. I’d love to learn more about microlending. Seeing you dancing with the women and the joy in their eyes as they move to the music is heartwarming. I’m left with a sadness that I’ve been so ignorant to what happens on the other side of the world.