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Tribal News – Cambodia Vision

The challenges in the world at times can seem overwhelming, especially in developing countries that have been thrown into chaos by war, or rapid change caused by development and globalisation. In reality every day people are working on viable solutions and taking action, but we rarely hear about it in mainstream media. In this mini documentary we explore how restoring sight to a handful of people in a village can have measurable social and economic impact for generations to come.

Film Producer David Brown follows  a Cambodia Vision Mission to Kampong Spue, a rural Cambodian Province, to record the story of an Australian medical team. Every year they volunteer and carry out cataract procedures, blindness prevention and basic medical care, completely free of charge to the locals. Thousands of people received treatment over the period of a week, the medical team worked around the clock to restore the sight of as many people as possible. In one of the poorer countries in the world we witness some incredible moments, after cataract operations some people see their Grandchildren for the first time.

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