Healing Self – Step One

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What would be possible if you were truly able to experience wholeness and find inner peace on a deep soul level, guided by your internal compass, manifesting through your wild creative spirit in all areas of your life, be the inspirational leader that you were born to be.

In the Art of Manifesting 29 Day Challenge we work inside of a sacred Flower of Life Medicine Wheel, with one layer of the hierarchy of core needs in each petal, deep diving into the story of YOU to uncover your current narrative, seeing perhaps for the first time how much of your life you can expand into.

STEP 1: BASIC NEEDS STORY. Our basic needs are obvious, they include things vital to our survival food, water, shelter, rest & sex. Life can become stressful without a solid foundation around our basic needs, we have no strength or sustainability making it challenging to move up the pyramid to self-actualisation.

Who’s basic needs story are you living? Are you living the story that was modelled to you as a child? or did you rebel and are you living the opposite story?

Quite often we move through life living someone else’s basic needs story, which can show up as feelings of “There should be more to life” or “I feel like there is something missing in life”. These are both sign posts calling you back to your SELF.

What is missing is YOU! Living your story, your living masterpiece. This is an invitation to pause and get curious around “Who’s story you are living?”

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