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Create A Life Beyond Ordinary

Through Energy Medicine

Explore Energy Medicine, unifying your individual consciousness, connecting with the universal consciousness, the place where your pure potential lives, designing a live beyond ordinary through your pure potential.

Who’s Authoring Your Current Life Story?

Your Inner Critic Or Your Pure Potential?

Science tells us that our pure potential lives in the universal consciousness when we bring our conscious mind, subconscious mind and unconscious mind into one unified consciousness we drop into the universal consciousness the place where our pure potential lives creating a life beyond ordinary through our pure potential.

4 Steps To Create A Life Beyond Ordinary

In the Energy Medicine training learn the tools to Uncover your current Narrative, Discover the lost and forgotten parts of you, Live through your pure potential, then Embody your new way of being. A 4-Step process to transform your life through the power of story.

STEP 1: Discover The Lost & Forgotten Parts of YOU

The first step in our Energy Medicine journey is the 7-Day Challenge. Discover the lost and forgotten parts of you, the aspects of Self that have been discarded as you walked the highway of life. As we move through the cycles in life there are times when we are in light and times when we are in shadow.

Energy Medicine Challenge $27 AUD

STEP 2: Design A Life Beyond Ordinary

The second step in our Energy Medicine journey is our 12-Month Quest. Deep dive into the 12 steps of your Shero’s Journey, exploring a step a month through a video prompt, writing prompt (journeying & journalling), and a processing prompt. Lean in and learn deep listening for when to move and when to be still, when to charge against the edges and when to sit in our breath.

Energy Medicine Quest

STEP 3: Call In Your Tribe

The third step in our Energy Medicine journey is to call in your tribe. When you graduate our Energy Medicine Quest as a EMI Alumni you are invited to lead your own Quest red thread circles for your beloveds. Become a EMI Quest Leader, EMI provides everything you need, Leadership training, Leader manuals, Leader resources and access to our online campus and closed Facebook tribe for your beloveds. Start earning money as soon as you graduate.

Energy Medicine Leader

STEP 4: Claim Your Sacred Work

The fourth step in our Energy Medicine journey is to claim your sacred work and place your offerings on the alter of humanity. The place were your beloveds are waiting for you. Soul Psychology is an internationally recognised qualification that provides you with professional membership and professional insurance.

Soul Psychology

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“Energy Medicine is a powerful tool to discover your creative purpose. Unleash your feminine powers and share your creative gifts with the world.” – Amber Kuileimailani Bonici, Woman Unleashed Retreat

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Who Says Learning Can’t Be Sexy

EMI is much more than a training company. We believe that technology should be used to enhance your learning experience. This is why we never stop investing in developing our cross-channel platforms, to make the learning fun, intuitive and most of all, transform your life.