Energy 101 – Day 4


The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing” – Lou Reed

Our energy system is an integrated unit. Yesterday we learnt that our energy comes down from the divine, into our subtle bodies and sits around our physical. From the subtle bodies it moves into our energy centres, the part of our energy system that takes in the energy from the divine and moves it through our meridians to our organs.

The different energy centres vibrate at different frequencies and process different emotional states. The frequencies of our words, thoughts and actions can move us towards optimal healing, or away from optimal healing.

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“EMI, A Place Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science” – Lou Reed

In Muscle Testing 101 you learn how to speak directly to your inner wisdom through your bodies electrical system and gain specific answers to specific inquires. Then tomorrow you learn a step by step process I created to transform less than optimal energy from your energy system.

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