Energy 101 – Day 3


Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Our energy body goes out about 20 feet from our physical. If someone stands too close to you, you take a step back, even though they don’t physically touch you. You feel like someone’s invading your space.

You can walk into a room, and you feel someone looking at you, and you can’t even see them. You just know it. It’s like they’ve intruded into your energy system. That’s our subtle body.

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“EMI, A Place Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science” – Lou Reed

Our energy system is an integrated unit. Yesterday we learnt that our energy comes down from the divine, into our subtle bodies and sits around our physical. From the subtle bodies it moves into our energy centres, the part of our energy system that takes in the energy from the divine and moves it through our meridians to our organs.

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