Energy 101 – Day 2


Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Today our energy initiation prompt is a nervous system balance our intention is to SYNCHRONISE our NERVOUS SYSTEM through our SUBTLE BODIES. We hold each position with the tips of our fingers. Holding each location allowing our energy to come back into alignment with our original energy blueprint.

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“EMI, A Place Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Science” – Lou Reed

Tomorrow we explore Subtle bodies the first part of our energy system that the energy from the divine flows through. Our subtle bodies are like the cosmic vehicle that’s us. We’re so much more than our physical, we’re actually an energy body with a physical body inside of it.

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  1. Dear Ones, I invite you share what came up for you as you listened. A dedicated place to ask questions, no question is too BIG or to small. Our Energy Specialists are here to support you as you explore Energy 101 – Sneak Peak. See you on the Path Blessed Be Love Lou 🙏😘