Understanding The Pain Cycle❤️✨

In today’s Conversation With Lou I interview Pain Transformation Coach and Founder of Alleviate Pain Dawn Cady. As Australia’s No. 1 Pain Freedom Coach, Dawn developed The Neutral Alignment Method®, which brings together the world’s best healing techniques to help chronic pain sufferers achieve true freedom from pain. Having suffered herself from chronic pain for 31 years, Dawn learned everything she could about the most effective treatments for chronic pain. Check out Dawn’s 5 part video series below to understand the cycle of pain, the first step towards freedom from pain.

See you on the path! Blessed Be. Lou Reed ❤️✨


  Video 1: Fight & Flight or Rest & Digest

  Video 2: Destress Hold

  Video 3: Pain & Emotions

  Video 4: Tap & Rant
Download this Tap & Rant Chart to follow along while you are watching the video.

  Video 5: Understanding The Pain Cycle

Now that you have watched the videos, download the Understanding The Pain Cycle PDF to take the training to a deeper level.


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