Welcome Creative Warrior!

We are thrilled that you’re joining us for Navigate the story of YOU Challenge, to claim a new direction in your life! Being open to exploring the mystery, medicine and magic that lives in each of us waiting patiently in the chambers of our heart to be reclaimed.

We are all storytellers and artists of our lives.  Storytelling is Humanity’s most ancient art form. From the smallest statement to the greatest epic. Over the years our subconscious created a core story about ourselves and our life, a collage of our wounded childhood stories that became the world view, through which we  interpret our story. Through which we live our life.

If you are looking to live an authentic life, aka YOUR OWN LIFE, and create life-changing work for yourself and others,  the first step is to  dig deep within, unpacking your core story and changing your inner script to resonate with your deepest truths.

WARNING: This excavation work into your internal terrain WILL change you forever, what we know we cannot unknown.

Aho,  Lou xxx

Secrets to Success

Simply enter the red doors, crossover your threshold into your internal terrain and start your journey of transformation.


Yes! No art or writing experience required only a burning desire to expand into your pure potential!

Up level your life in only 20 minutes a day.

You have lifetime access to the course content! It never expires.

Yes! Our Take A Stand 29 Day Challenge is an awesome way to begin your energy path. The only prerequisite is a burning desire to expand into who you are becoming! I guide you through everything.

The content lives in one private portal online at www.energymedicineinstitute.com.au. Each step has videos, audio downloads, transcripts, and PDF, writing prompts, art prompts, energy prompts. You can watch, listen or read.

No problem! Email support@energymedicineinstitute.com.au and our team will answer them.

Red Thread Moments

What Our Beloveds Have To Say

What I love about this work is witnessing the shifts that are created in people’s lives, the insights they gain, and how that transforms their lives and the lives of those around them. Here are some moments that my beloveds have generously shared with us.