Live a Life that is Extraordinary

Awaken Your Wild Creative Spirit

We are all editors of life, we cut and paste our beauty and pain daily with the sharp scissors of our minds on the canvas of humanity. What would be possible if you were truly able to experience wholeness and find inner peace on a deep soul level, guided by your internal compass, manifesting through your wild creative spirit in all areas of your life, if you could be the inspirational leader that you were born to be.

Art of Living

Energy Medicine

In our Art of Living Challenge we explore our current life story through the lens of our core needs. Storytelling is Humanity’s most ancient art form. From the smallest statement to the greatest epic. Over the years our subconscious created a core story about ourselves and our life, a collage of our wounded childhood stories that became the world view, through which we interpret our story. Through which we manifest our life. We deep dive into our six core needs through writing prompts, art prompts and energy prompts and get curious around which needs are a strength and which needs are a stretch. No writing or art experience required.

How do you happen to life ?

What if you where able to:

  • Encounter the infinite
  • Manifest authentic connection with other creators
  • Enjoy moments of surrender to the sacred mysteries of life
  • Manifest inner peace on a deep soul level
  • Be guided through life by your internal compass
  • Manifest through your wild creative spirit
  • Uncover your piece of the universal weave
  • Discover your part in the global story

Does your story fit ?

What if you where able to:

  • Become an artist of life using all that life gives you as tools for your transformational toolkit
  • Weave your wounded stories, your setbacks, your constraints into raw materials for your living masterpiece
  • Manifest life-changing work for yourself and others
  • Experience the breakthroughs of your wild self and the breakdowns of your smaller self
  • Transform your greatest wound into your greatest gift your sacred work in the world

Sacred Unfolding

Here’s a sneak peek at the unfolding…

We deep dive into all three levels of consciousness in the language that it speaks, unifying our individual mind. Our conscious mind, a writing prompt (journeying and journalling), our subconscious mind an art prompt and our unconscious mind through an energy prompt.  Exploring the way you navigate the current STORY of YOU. Our shared stories create signposts along a dark and weathered path. I invite you to choose growth versus fitting in, feeling versus insensitivity, a life fully expressed versus holding our wild, writhing stores captive within. When we share we create a ripple that extends from the center or our collective heart beat. I invite you to connect beyond the narrative of your mind and send radiant nourishment to a shadow, hungry world. No writing or art experience required.

DAY 1-2

Getting Started

We work inside of a sacred Flower of Life Medicine Wheel with one layer of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in each petal deep diving into the story of YOU to uncover your current narrative, seeing perhaps for the first time how much of your life you can expand into.

DAY 3-6

Basic Needs

Our basic needs are obvious, they include things vital to our survival food, water, shelter, rest & sex. Life can become stressful without a solid foundation around our basic needs, we have no strength or sustainability making it challenging to move up the pyramid to self actualisation.

DAY 7-10

Safety Needs

No matter what our risk tolerance, we crave protection & the feeling of safety in our lives. Although it differs from person to person, we all look to escape fear & work towards control & order in our lives, our need for safety & security contributes to how we move through life.

DAY 11-14

Love & Belonging Needs

Following safety & security, the feelings of love & belonging create a strong middle layer of the pyramid. Even independent people crave the feeling of love & a sense that they belong. Our relationships create a sense of larger meaning within us & help us avoid challenges with loneliness, depression, & anxiety.

DAY 15-18

Estreem Needs

As humans we chase goals, the need for fulfilment is deeply rooted in us all. When our needs at the lower levels have been met our esteem needs begin to play a more prominent role in motivating our way of being in the world.

DAY 19-22

Beauty Needs

We crave beautiful imagery as we move towards self-actualization. To spend time in the beauty of nature, extracting the beauty that the world has to offer leads to joy & bliss that we see in ourselves & others. We feel connected.

DAY 23-26

Self Actualization Needs

Each level of Maslow’s pyramid relies on the one below they are all closely connected. People journey through these levels in life working to achieve their full potential as human beings. Self-actualisation is the full use & expression of our pure potential.

DAY 27-29

Next Step

Now we come back to the Flower of Life Medicine Wheel & revisit each of the levels as a way of integrating the work that we have done. To see where you are at now in navigating the story of YOU.

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In RESTORE we work with the unconscious mind through symbol. Realigning the story of YOU to your original blueprint.

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