The 5 Essential Keys To Energy Coherence

Day 1 – Energy Field Coherence

In This Episode we deep dive into the First Key, Energy Field Coherence, our Higher Self, our Conscious Self, and our Survival Self. Activating all 3 Selves creating alignment within, allowing us to gently shift into a higher vibrational frequency of light, beginning our Ascension Process by awakening our Human Consciousness and activating more DNA Strands.


                                                   Step 1: Watch the Day 1 training in the first part of the video above

                                                   Step 2: Listen to the Energy Initiation in the second part of the video above

                                                   Step 3: Take any words thoughts or images to your journal                         


In The Next Episode we’re going to deep dive into the Second Key, Subtle Body Coherence and it’s 12 Auric Layers which hold the roadmap to our destiny, our Soul Blueprint, our Soul Curriculum and our Archetypal Lesson Plan.


Let’s unlock your Destiny Blueprint together! Blessed Be Lou

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