Coherence 7 Day Challenge

Day 2: Demystifying Change

In This Bonus Training we deep dive into how our brain and body react to change and how moving from the old self to our new self is the neurological, biological, chemical, hormonal, and genetic death of the old self.

Step 1: Watch the Demystifying Change training in the first part of the video above
Step 2: Take any words thoughts or images to your journal                         

In The Next Bonus Training we dive into survival v’s creation and learn how to shift from constantly living in a state where we are struggling to survive, into a way of life where we are the creators of our own reality.

Would you like to learn how to move your energy blocks yourself?

Join us for Mind. Body. Soul Coherence

A 6-week training to dive deep into the 6 key elements of your energy system.
You’ll experience energy trainings, energy journeyings, energy clearings and EFT or tapping. 
At the end of this training, you’ll know how to work with your own energy system
How to move blocks to bring health, love, clarity, purpose, money… to bring you into Coherence.

We start next week.

This training is normally offered at $597
We have the vision to create a ripple of Integrative Medicine around the world
We partnered with our Not For Profit to give scholarships of $590
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