Coherence 7 Day Challenge

Day 1: The of Power Coherence

In This Episode we learn that our personality creates our personal reality, our personality is made up of how we think, how we act, and how we feel. Our present personality called you, who’s doing this training  has created the present personal reality called your life. Which means if you wanted to create a new personal reality, or a new life, you have to change your personality. 

Step 1: Watch the training session
Step 2: Take any words, thoughts or images to your diary

In The Next Episode we deep dive into what it truly means to change and why so many of us, find it so hard to change. Why do we wait for crisis, trauma, disease, diagnoses, betrayal, or even loss, to finally make up our mind, to change?

Let’s ALIGN your energy and MOVE blocks holding you back ! Blessed Be Lou 

Case Studies