Awaken Your Sage Archetype

Manifesting with the Archetypes.The Sage is the Sixth Step in Manifesting and is around Intuition. The Sage, is an old soul and even when young they have a mature and studious quality about them. Once upon a time they were the scribes and monks, the eternal student. People seek them out for their expertise and intuition. 🙏

They desire knowledge for knowledge sake and will have read everything there is to know about their area of fascination. They are full of information, which they dearly love to share. They are the teacher who has a passion for their subject or the computer geek who wants to show you that latest piece of technology. They love libraries, books, history or information technology. 💋

Where most people lose the connection with their internal teacher at around the age of 7, my internal teacher stayed with me and parented me. I don’t remember a time when she was not there. Looking back, I feel that it had something to do with the level of abuse that I chose to experience in the spiritual waiting room before birth. ✨

I can see now that I have always been an old soul in this body. Throughout my life, seeing all my experiences through the eyes of the sage has allowed me to gain a higher perspective, as the witnesser, rather than in the experience of feeling it, so that I could turn them into teachings, which is the foundation that EMI principles are based on.

See you on the path! Lou ❤️✨

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