Awaken Your Ruler Archetype

Manifesting with the Archetypes. The Ruler is the fifth step in manifesting and is around organisation. When we look at images of the ruler, he represents leadership, order and organisation. He is insightful and wise with a no-nonsense strength that people respect. He excels at taking charge and can think reasonably and rationally. 🙏

A responsibility that others can find stressful is what this Archetype thrives on. Rulership and control are key motivators for him, with a strong vision for the future. If he is not in the driver’s seat, he is not interested. He is a great provider and people find him dependable. He likes to plan in advance and finds it easy to keep track of spending and running a business or household. You will often find him mentoring others, as people seek out his advice. 💋

In my life, before EMI, I worked in the corporate world and was a corporate assassin, I did not tolerate fools, it was my way or the highway. People fitted into one of two categories, people who moved me towards my goal or people who moved me away from my goal. If they moved me away from my goal they were surgically removed in seconds, and I would never give them another thought. I had absolutely no emotional intelligence. It was a way of being that I had created to survive my wounded stories, and it was the only way that I knew.

See you on the path! Lou ❤️✨

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