Awaken Your Lovers Archetype

Manifesting with the Archetypes. The Lovers is the Seventh Step in Manifesting and is around Discernment. People with this Archetype are romantic, idealistic and love to connect. This creates a tender, passionate quality about them that others adore. People feel reminded that vulnerability could be a strength. And that love, particularly self-love, conquers all. 🙏

They are true believers and don’t have a cynical bone in their bodies. Others can think that they are naïve, but they are generally somehow protected, and things come to them because they are angelic. 👼

Passion is their driver. They are full of support for their loved ones and are loyal, openhearted and appreciative. They seek one-on-one intimate relationships with lovers, friends and colleagues. They make others feel special by giving undivided attention and acknowledgement.

For me this was my blind spot, I have always manifested at the speed of thought, however until I did this work and started working with The Lover’s archetype, I did not have discernment. I would manifest everything good, bad and ugly, and I could never understand why some manifestations would cause and create so much chaos in my life. Discernment was the missing link.

See you on the path! Lou ❤️✨

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