Awaken Your Knight Archetype

Manifesting with the Archetypes. The Knight is the Eight Step in Manifesting and is around Results. People with this Archetype are driven and courageous. They are defenders of the vulnerable and are on a quest for the Holy Grail. 🙏

This creates a chivalric quality about them that people admire. People feel attracted by their integrity, honesty and humanitarianism. They can also be highly competitive and results focused. They love to win. If there is nothing to gain and no one to save, they lose motivation. 💋

They are action takers and like to move quickly towards their future visions. They like to champion a cause, sport, team or club. They want the freedom to follow their own direction towards their own goals. They are independent and can also be maverick.

For me, getting into action is the step I love the most. After the preparation of the first seven steps I am ready for action and when I added the Lovers Archetype of discernment into the mix, that changed everything, I was no longer manifesting the good, bad and the ugly, it took my manifesting to a whole new level. That is how EMI TribalNews.TV was born.

See you on the path! Lou ❤️✨

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