Awaken Your Innocent Adventurer Archetype

Manifesting with the Archetypes. The Innocent Adventurer is the first step in manifesting, inspiration. When we look at images of the Innocent Adventurer, he is always shown with a knapsack over his shoulder, representing the gifts he has gained from his life experiences. 🙏

He is normally on the edge of a cliff, ready to take a leap of faith into the mystery, with only his gifts to guide him. He is searching for freedom, for adventure, with a pioneering energy. Fun is a key motivator, if it is not fun and exciting, then he is not interested. He is full of enthusiasm and constantly has loads of ideas. 💋

For me, I still work to manage the energy of the innocent adventurer. I have received universal downloads all my life, while most guides step back at around the age of 7, mine did not. They have never left me, my connection has always been strong.

See you on the path! Lou ❤️✨

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