AOL Quest – Pause & Reflect Part 1

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Pause & Reflect Month

As we land half way along our path we take time to Pause & Reflect. We return to our Flower of Life & check in. What called us here? What is calling us now? What do we know now, that we did not know when we began?

In Pause & Reflect Month Part 1, we lean into Step 1 & Step 2 of our Shero’s Journey and uncover what wants to move into our Flower of Life. 🙏

If you have not completed Step 1 & 2 no problems you can:

  1. Turn to a double page opening in your Journal
  2. Listen to the Video Prompt only for that Step
  3. Take any word, thoughts or images to your Journal
  4. Have tea with your journal and see what wants to move into your Flower of Life
  5. Do the Flower of Life Prompt above
  6. Head over to our Private Facebook Group and share
    1. Your painting
    2. Your word that captures the essence of Step 1 & Step 2

New Facebook Units Tab

If  you are like me and struggle with Facebook because everything moves so damn fast it is impossible to keep up. Then you will love our new units tab. 💋

  1. Each post is filed in order
  2. You can work at your own pace
  3. You can join in the conversation in the announcement post where ever you are on your journey
  4. Each time you log in you can see where you are up to
  5. You have a progress tracker so when you have completed the post you can simply check done and it will up date your progress tracker and show you the next step

Head over to Facebook and check it out for your self!

See you on the Path! Lou Reed ❤️✨

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