Soul Psychology

Modules 1-12

Our 36-module training have been designed in a specific pathway, deep diving into each level of consciousness, exploring its language, aligning each level of consciousness to our pure potential, to the aspect of self who has actively manifested a business and life they love. Our training provides a internationally recognised qualification through the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, IICT. In modules 1- 12, Soul Psychology you explore your conscious mind learning a step by step process to communicate directly with your inner wisdom/wild woman to unpack the story that is blocking you from stepping into your pure potential. You uncover the frequency of the reality you want to create.

Live Through Your Pure Potential

Explore  Embody Expand

At EMI our Art of Healing training is a form of energy medicine. A place where we explore, embody and expand the frequency of our pure potential and share our medicine with the world. Stepping into your new way of being, you work with your pure potential to identify the frequency of the reality you want to create, to identify the archetypal aspects of self that will allow you to live that frequency, then clear the blocks so that you can step into that new way of being. We work with our 3 levels of consciousness, to unify our individual mind, allowing us access to the universal mind, where our pure potential lives. As Albert Einstein tells us, when we match our frequency to the frequency of the reality we want to create, it can be no other way. This is not psychology, this is science.

What Is Energy Medicine

We have a visible side & a invisible side

  • If you’re like most of us in the Western world, you identify more with your physical side. But we have a invisible side that is an important part of who you are.
  • Your invisible side can be captured using a method called Kirlian Photography.
  • In fact, we all have an aura, even though most people have no clue it exists. And Kirlian Photography provides evidence that there are TWO of you: A physical YOU and a energetic YOU.

Is Energy Medicine Based In Science

Albert Einstein redefined energy healing

  • When he published a paper “Does the Body Depend Upon It’s Energy Content” with E-mc2, know today as the most famous equation.
  • He was able to prove that all matter (which includes the human bodies) are made of atoms which are simply fields of energy.
  • His work in physics confirmed that the human body is a integrated biological energy system with the innate ability to self-heal; to rebalance itself, if feed the right kind and amount of energy.

Sacred Unfolding

Here’s a sneak peek at the unfolding…

We deep dive into all three levels of consciousness in the language that it speaks, unifying our individual mind. Our conscious mind, a writing prompt (journeying and journalling), our subconscious mind an art prompt and our unconscious mind through an energy prompt.  Exploring the way you navigate the current STORY of YOU. Our shared stories create signposts along a dark and weathered path. I invite you to choose growth versus fitting in, feeling versus insensitivity, a life fully expressed versus holding our wild, writhing stores captive within. When we share we create a ripple that extends from the center or our collective heart beat. I invite you to connect beyond the narrative of your mind and send radiant nourishment to a shadow, hungry world. No writing or art experience required.

DAY 1-2

Getting Started

We work inside of a sacred Flower of Life Medicine Wheel with one layer of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in each petal deep diving into the story of YOU to uncover your current narrative, seeing perhaps for the first time how much of your life you can expand into.

DAY 3-6

Basic Needs

Our basic needs are obvious, they include things vital to our survival food, water, shelter, rest & sex. Life can become stressful without a solid foundation around our basic needs, we have no strength or sustainability making it challenging to move up the pyramid to self actualisation.

DAY 7-10

Safety Needs

No matter what our risk tolerance, we crave protection & the feeling of safety in our lives. Although it differs from person to person, we all look to escape fear & work towards control & order in our lives, our need for safety & security contributes to how we move through life.

DAY 11-14

Love & Belonging Needs

Following safety & security, the feelings of love & belonging create a strong middle layer of the pyramid. Even independent people crave the feeling of love & a sense that they belong. Our relationships create a sense of larger meaning within us & help us avoid challenges with loneliness, depression, & anxiety.

DAY 15-18

Estreem Needs

As humans we chase goals, the need for fulfilment is deeply rooted in us all. When our needs at the lower levels have been met our esteem needs begin to play a more prominent role in motivating our way of being in the world.

DAY 19-22

Beauty Needs

We crave beautiful imagery as we move towards self-actualization. To spend time in the beauty of nature, extracting the beauty that the world has to offer leads to joy & bliss that we see in ourselves & others. We feel connected.

DAY 23-26

Self Actualization Needs

Each level of Maslow’s pyramid relies on the one below they are all closely connected. People journey through these levels in life working to achieve their full potential as human beings. Self-actualisation is the full use & expression of our pure potential.

DAY 27-29

Next Step

Now we come back to the Flower of Life Medicine Wheel & revisit each of the levels as a way of integrating the work that we have done. To see where you are at now in navigating the story of YOU.

Online Campus

Who says learning can’t be sexy

EMI is much more than a training company. We believe that technology should be used to enhance your learning experience. This is why we never stop investing in developing our cross-channel platforms, to make the learning fun, intuitive and most of all, transform your life.

How It Works


Share your breakthroughs and breakdowns in a tribe of creative warriors changing the world by living the truth of who we are.


Watch ultra-crisp HD videos, or read easy-to-follow transcripts. Learn anytime, anywhere with content available 24/7.


Listen to HD audio or read easy-to-follow transcripts. Learn anytime, anywhere with content available 24/7.

writing prompts

We work with our conscious mind through word, journeying and journalling. Rewriting the story if YOU.

art prompts

We work with our subconscious mind through image. Reimageing the story of YOU.

energy prompts

We work with the unconscious mind through symbol. Realigning the story of YOU to your original blueprint.

red thread circle

We work in a sacred container in the quantum field knowing that we are held and connected as we do our deep excavation work.


Learn anytime, anywhere with video, audio & pdf content available 24/7.

lifetime access

So you can lean in and lean out in a way that is right and perfect for your unfolding.

International Recognition

•  Internationally recognised qualifications in over 26 countries
•  Access to student membership so you are covered while you are training
•  Access to full membership when you graduate
•  Access to professional insurance
•  Access to a practitioner page on the IICT practitioner directory
•  Access to discounts for further educations
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•  Note: Not included in Art of Healing Membership

Professional Membership

•  Internationally recognised membership in over 26 countries
•  Student membership so you are covered while you are training
•  Full membership & executive membership for when you graduate
•  Access to professional insurance
•  A practitioner page on the IICT practitioner directory
•  Access to member’s area and free downloads
•  Discounts for further educations
•  Note: Not included in Art of Healing Membership

Professional Insurance

On successful completion of our qualifications you are eligible to access professional insurance through IICT/AON. As IICT’s recommended insurance broker, IICT worked closely with Aon to design solutions specifically for members. Members receive special discounted premiums, extended coverage and access to special promotions. When you switch to or choose AON, you will not only pay from as little as $151 pa for your coverage but also receive 18 months cover for the price of 12 – that’s 6 months FREE cover! AON proudly protects over 10,000 Allied Health Practitioners, and cover over 100 modalities. Note: Not included in our Art of Healing Membership

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Since every human is made of energy, every human can benefit from Energy Medicine. Every experience you’ve ever had is stored energetically in your body. When we store experiences in our body for more than six months they become chronic, causing physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual discomfort, and can lead to serious illness. Every human can benefit from the releasing of blocked energy that is not serving their highest good.

Energy work is known to promote better sleep, improve concentration, reduce anxiety and create an overall sense of well-being. Every aspect of how we work as a human being can benefit from energy work.

Yes, as we work with your body wisdom, your body guides the process, bringing your energy back into flow, which supports healing. Soul psychology works with other treatments and in most cases can expedite the healing.

Our training is design for those who are looking to heal themselves. You learn by working on yourself first. So wether you are looking to heal yourself, family & friends or set up your own energy business this training is for you.

Yes! Our energy training is an awesome way to begin your energy path. The only prerequisite is a burning desire to expand into who you are becoming! I guide you through everything.

The content lives in a private portal online at Including videos, audio downloads, transcripts, and PDF’s, writing prompts, art prompts, energy prompts. You can watch, listen or read at your own pace in your own time.

No problem! Email and our team will answer them.

Case Studies

What Our Beloveds Have To Say

What I love about this work is witnessing the shifts that are created in people’s lives and businesses, the insights they gain, and how that transforms their lives and the lives of those around them. Here are some moments that our Practitioners have generously shared with us.

Practicing Energy Medicine

Client Changes

Business Changes