You are more Extraordinary
than you were made to believe.

Welcome to Energy Medicine Institute

Energy Medicine Institute, EMI, an online campus for all things regular schooling forget to teach you. A place were we explore ‘The Art of Manifesting’ through ancient wisdom and modern day science. We bring you world-class training, allowing you to create remarkable transformations in all areas of your life. We feature knowledge that industrial age education systems have neglected to focus on. Lead a life that’s extraordinary, enhance all dimensions of your being: your mind, body, soul, work and human connections.

Education for people who refuse to
fit into the ordinary world.

When I say energy medicine most people think of health and wellness. However, energy work is in fact ‘The Art of Manifesting’ and at EMI we specialise in the Art of Manifesting an extraordinary life. Our training is designed to fit any intention, whether you are looking to expand yourself, heal family and friends or open your own business. Unblock, unleash and free your inner creator, reclaiming your right to evolve and expand into the full spectrum of who you are and who you are becoming. Internationally recognised qualifications allowing you to become a professional member of IICT and obtain professional insurance.

Healing Self

Art of Manifesting

Our Art of Manifesting Healing Self training is a place for women to explore who they are becoming. It’s a step by step process that we walk to find language for our medicine, to shape our offerings for the world, finding our part of the universal weave, in a tribe of like-minded creative warriors walking the same path. There are three ways you can join the Healing Self training, our Quiz, our Challenge or our Quest.

Healing Others

Art of Manifesting

Our Art of Manifesting Healing Others training is a form of energy medicine. A place where we explore, embody and expand into the frequency of our pure potential, and share our medicine with the world, stepping into our new way of being. We work with our 3 levels of consciousness, to unify our individual mind, accessing the universal mind, the place where our pure potential lives. There are three ways you can join the Healing Others training, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Trainer.

Healing Your Tribe

Art of Manifesting

At EMI, our Art of Manifesting Healing Your Tribe is a place where you can get inspired, tell your untold story or collaborate in a tribe of like-minded creative warriors walking the same path. A tribe of inspirational leaders who are facing global issues head on, rewriting community stories and making a difference by living the truth of who we are.

Online Campus

Who says learning can’t be sexy

EMI is much more than a training company. We believe that technology should be used to enhance your learning experience. This is why we never stop investing in developing our cross-channel platforms, to make the learning fun, intuitive and most of all, transform your life.